Health Care

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Health Care

Internet has broadened its sphere in the field of health care also. The app helps the patients to get to know about new health services, new upcoming instruments and various techniques that can be implemented to get relieved soon.

It allows people to search any information regarding health online, this knowledge of health helps them to be fit and fine and prevent any disease. Patients can review their health services here. Besides this in turn helps them to plan their own health care package. It helps them to take informed decisions.

Besides this, this health app provides you with Electronic medical Record, Laboratory information management system, EMR alerting, appointment schedule, E-bills, PDF, patient Dashboard and many vital features. It enables patients to self monitor themselves. It simplifies complex medical workflow.

Moreover you may take online appointment of any prescribed physician and may consult whenever possible. It keeps medical facility secure and easy to use.

Health care software was started by Claricode in 2003 made to provide the patient more advanced and easily accessible medical facility.

Eworx is one such web that provides modern medical facilities to their patients including knowledge about various ailments, their preventions and cures, it helps you to conduct an online appointment with the physician and consult at your teams. Choose wisely; decide which physician is more suitable to you at your cost effectively. Means the system is completely flexible. "Choose at your choice" is our only funda.

Together with that, we provide instant access whenever required, all the medical facilities are foreign brought and are improvised frequently, and in case of emergency we are there for you all the time and if any enhancement required then, we assist you there and then.

These apps help the physicians to deal with more than one patient at a time, hence increases productivity. Being a physician, it won't be necessary for them to repeat the same information again and again, they just have to post it once and so many can read it then. And from the patient point of view also they don't need stand in a long queue to wait for the physician, but they have to just read the suggestion that best suits their problem.

These entire things are there at eworx. From knowledge of a disease, its history to its cure, how to use any machine, advice of physician and many more all are available at eworx. So come and be a part of our app. That is Eworx Healthcare application software.

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