PhoneGap & Titanium Studio

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PhoneGap & Titanium Studio

Software and app development design from Eworx technologies has been developing at a fast pace since past years. We offer the latest design and development technologies for the customer and clients. Phonegap and titanium studio have been the apps developed from us from experience and expertise. We have dedicated team for developing and coding the software technologies.

Titanium studio has been a platform for making apps using the latest web technologies for mobile and desktops. This is a modern day IDE for rapid built up of web technologies that are cross platform and native mobile applications. The technologies supporting cross platform or native mobile applications then utilize the development pattern that has been used so far. The coding pattern and essential apps development has been at a faster pace than ever before.

The software suite Titanium Studio is not the open source software as many would expect. The JavaScript enabled titanium studio is a very famous platform in comparison with the Phonegap. As similar to titanium studio, Phonegap feature is an open source solution for building cross platform mobile apps for standards based web technologies like HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Phonegap has been developed as an open source web development project while integrating a number of similar apps in their thousands.

The software development and apps for customers, web design and website integration services like Phonegap and Titanium studio provide the more trendy and latest of these apps design. Being cross platform and native apps development, Eworx technologies firm has Phonegap and Titanium studio as the latest of web development platforms for both the users and customers. The latest changes to IT technologies have indicated newer trends in favor of mobile apps from our company. We offer the apps technologies and software for customer companies and firms. Our services of exceptional quality are of standard assurance as ISV.