PHPBB Customization

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PHPBB Development Company

Phpbb is one of the highly popular bulletin board systems in the world. In the latest technological developments for computing and software services Eworx has the best Phpbb customization. For business forums or integrating as a popular friend network the Phpbb customization is one of the numerous best for your utility. Customers get the maximum value and advantage from design using web solutions from us. At Eworx technologies we have the top quality of Phpbb customization for you.

Phpbb is released under the GNU general public license. The extensive database of user created modifications includes pasting codes, files etc as well while the styles database manages the typical style packages with board customization. Build from core PHP framework the customization of Phpbb for services in internet technology are simply interesting to work with. Following are the advantages of the Phpbb customization;

  • UTF-8 support for default character coding.

  • XHTML strict complaint for w3c conditions of optimal performance and cross browser support.

  • User preferences.

  • Moderation.

  • Administration.

  • Search engine spider handling.

  • Unread message and private message systems.

Phpbb is the new latest forum hosting project which is allowing everyone to have internet discussion boards from their core issuance of design. At Eworx, we have the best Phpbb customization to our advantage where we integrate the platform for database servers using styles and permissions. The plug-in system boasted is one of the relevant and more powerful Phpbb customization provided. Eworx is performance for customer with Phpbb customizations, leading to the better appealing PHP framework development and designs. Changing the design and development qualities from Phpbb leading to better discussion boards one can obtain the best Phpbb customization from Eworx. Application development, design, web standards compliance and accurate delivery of the services are one of Eworx development capabilities. We offer customer satisfaction and commitment as our motto.