Magento Development

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Magento Website Design & Ecommerce Development

Developing the advantages in an ever growing and challenging development software domains, Magento development is in a way much more. People who buy Magento cms or content management services as a must have platform for their websites are preparing for the next step in e-commerce and e-store development. Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla all other CMSes have brought more choices in software design for themes, add-ons, templates are also less competitive in comparison to Magento.

Magento as the next best e-commerce platform has been developed by Varien and launched in March 2008. This CMS has been developed using the Zend framework which has an entity-attribute-model (EAV) as the database model. Magento as a popular and famous e-commerce platform has become widely adopted by market retailers in about 150,000 sites known to it.

Using a free open source platform for development the single Magento framework model has been leveraging the best of market developments for e-store acceptability as a payment platform integrated CMS that is in favor. So the CMS has now become expectantly a key feature in CMS deployment for website design at Harvey Nichols and Samsung etc.

At Eworx technologies we have the best of known developers and software programmers who provide Magento CMS for your website design. Magento development utilizes a greater number of advantages like gifting options, thousands of themes, analytic and reporting tools, mobile templates, discounts and promotion rules. We offer the CMS website development and web solutions for e-commerce integration using Magento development.

Magento development and web integration would therefore include offering a high scalability and growth within an organization as it changes. Thus as an e-commerce platform Magento CMS and development is becoming trendier and adapted in comparison to others like Oscommerce, xcart, zencart, Joomla etc. We offer the Magento CMS development and web design for our customers with commitment and expertise.