CakePHP Development

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CakePHP Application development Services

CakePHP development in the new latest trends is becoming a sure and ample way to discover computing technology and software engineering for website content and design. The PHP framework is a developer and programmer to build good quality web application. Themes and supporting templates from CakePHP development are essential for a website and computing.

CakePHP designing framework is open source, PHP and modeled according to the Ruby on Rails under MIT license. The version of the latest modeled PHP framework or CakePHP was in 2006. This framework is used for development of web design and blogs. This software engineering product has a number of advantages from following;

  • Code generation and scaffolding feature for prototype building.

  • No complex XML or YAML files.

  • Licensed from MIT therefore is used for commercial purposes.

  • Access, caching, validation and authentication for original PHP MVC frameworks.

  • CakePHP has conventions for guidance in app developments.

  • A number of inbuilt apps and add-ons are provided like CSRF protection, SQL engine injection prevention.

CakePHP is a rapid development framework for PHP that uses commonly known design patterns for Active record, association data mapping, front controller and MVC. This PHP framework enables rapid development of core web applications. This PHP framework enables rapid development of web apps from very high flexibility. The robust base provided by PHP is enabling the redesign and customize many aspects of application.

Eworx technologies has developed and designed CakePHP framework solution for customers with commitment and satisfaction. The web design and application are very fast processed in secure manner from the framework applied. The robust application of the frame work is advantageous from Eworx. Request your website design or application from us. Eworx would be the best choice for PHP framework application design.