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Yii Application Development Services Company

Yii is the latest project that is formed in 2008, January which is a PHP framework. This is the modern object oriented, open source and component based MVC application framework. This development app framework is designed for plenty of add-on features. These features for the Yii development app are having simple advantage to lesser workload in computing and technology improvements.

  • MVC, model-view-controller design patterns.

  • Complex WSDL service specifications as also management of web service request handling.

  • Internationalization and localization.

  • Layered caching scheme.

  • Error handling and logging.

  • Unit and functionality testing.

  • Automatic code generation.

  • Code generation by Yii components.

  • Carefully designed to work with third party code.

  • Security measures.

This framework of PHP is best for developing Web 2.0 technologies. The professional and clean coding is simple as also works well with input validation, output filtering as also injection and scripting preventions.

Eworx gives the best design and development character to the appeal of web technologies. The standards and efficiency of web framework technology that is Yii is modern in the changing landscape of IT software and developments. The Yii framework is a proven technology standard for fast processing while using the fast loading technique easily. When the comparison is made with other similar providers the Yii framework is outperforming all others. This framework is richly enabled with feature sets and improving the deployment efficiency.

Eworx has the latest technology web solutions as also the development frameworks that have enabled technology to improve further. While the company clients and customers begin to purchase development apps and solutions we also enhance the project completion to customer satisfaction. Our commitment to the Eworx standard of quality and assurance is provided to each customer.