Google Map Mobile App Development

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Google Map Mobile App Development

Mobile applications for phones, mobile phones render these able to take your functions like for maps, graphs, calendar and others easily with you in travel, in office and usually on the go. These mobile applications are one of the best for knowing your region, functions to help you during travel as well as determine the comfort for using mobile during travel, tours, meetings or similar other purposes.

Google 'maps' mobile app is developed for customers and clients by Eworx where the application and web development is done professionally. The Google maps mobile app is feature rich for various mobile devices - Android, Nokia, Windows, Blackberry, iPhone. The mobile app for maps by Google has features for following easy functions :

  • Knowing your friends locations.

  • Sharing your location with friends and family.

  • Control your location.

  • Privacy settings of your location.

  • Check in to let friends know location.

  • Check in notifications turn on.

  • Latitude app from Google store for background updating.

  • A latitude widget.

Google mobile application development for maps is an exceptional quality app for mobiles which is developed by Eworx technologies. The mobile apps development for Google is designed using expert technology and experience in managing projects. Customer focus and commitment is an important part of the development and design process for mobile apps like Google maps.

Our commitment towards quality, expertise and professional management of available projects to their completion as also delivery on time is important. We provide advanced development of apps and software web application development as well. Eworx has quality applied technologies where we have satisfied a large number of customers and clients.